Hola. Glad you’re here. This site features some of the advertising and branding work we’ve done lately. Explore as you see fit. Take your time, or click and run – who are we to tell you what to do? Oh right, we’re Snap Advertising.

Globe Snap Brands

Brand Building & Marketing Excellence

Start with continued success helping global companies create unforgettable brands and brand builders. Add world-class marketing experts and thought leaders as partners. Killer creative - check. Plus the expertise to leverage all that core experience for companies big and small. (Or medium – hey, we love the work.) What do you get? Some very Snappy Capabilities.

Marketing Strategy

From developing winning strategies to cutting-edge consumer research – we connect your needs with world-class marketers and problem solvers (i.e. former senior-level P&G experts) for a remarkably high level of marketing excellence across multiple business areas. Consumer knowledge, research, product innovation, social media, commercial innovation, shopper marketing, retail strategy and retail innovation to name a few. Contact us and we'll be happy to name a few more.


We take real business needs & opportunities and create advertising that inspires audiences to become advocates for the brand while helping bottom lines to grow. Funny how that works out that way. Where we shine: Television, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Social, In-store.


As ways to connect with people increase at exponential levels, we work like crazy to keep one foot firmly in consumer understanding & brand equity. This digital yin/yang successfully extends our brand work via website design, online videos, games, banners, memes, and even development and managing of e-commerce and intranet portal sites.

Brand Identity

We don't look at creating brand identities as a beginning, but rather the culmination of deep insights and experiences – articulated and designed in a way that (after the fact) makes so much sense you're tempted to slap your head and shout "Of Course!" Head-slapping work includes: Naming, Positioning Statements, Taglines, Logos, Visual Identity, Packaging & Product Lines, and/or a combination of all of the above.

Brand Building & Training

Snap's work helping global companies create grame-changing processes for sales and marketing professionals is tried and true. We specialize in taking complicated learning, frameworks and insights, and delivering easy to comprehend processes and training materials. We may not always write the book on brand building, but we make sure other folks want to read it and make it part of their work.

Internal Campaigns & Promotions

We take internal campaigns and initiatives just as seriously (and just as creatively) as any traditional advertising campaign – inspiring employees and workers to embrace new initiatives, services and products within an organization. We call it B2E (Business-to-Employee) Advertising: Video, Print/Posters, Social, On-Site, Identity, Games.

Some of our featured work


Globe Snap Brands

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